Coconut Shell

Uses of Coconut Shell

Another important product from nature’s gift is ‘Coconut Shell’ and from the Coconut Shell, Coconut Shell Charcoal is obtained. It is used widely as an industrial and domestic fuel. Obtained by burning the shells of fully matured nuts in limited supply of air the Coconut Shell Charcoal is also used in laundries. Even goldsmiths and blacksmiths are also in need of them.

Apart from the above usage, the Coconut Shell Charcoal is used to produce activated carbon. Cosmetics industry also lays hands on this product.

Coconut Shells also pave way for the growth of our Indian Economy. Various artistic handicrafts are made from them and they are also exported to foreign countries. Many South Asian and Pacific countries boast of being a creator of these handicrafts. Some of the cute output from the Coconut Shell includes Pen Stands, Mobile Stands, Ganesha Statues, Decorative Lamps, Coconut Shell Mugs etc. Price varies depending on the artistic value. These handicrafts have a longer life compared to other craft items as it is made from brawny Coconut Shell.

Quality of Akil Coconuts

The strongest and vigorous part in the coconut fruit is the Coconut Shell. Located in between the coconut flesh and husk, it is the natural protector of the coconut’s inner part. Used in the manufacture of Coconut Shell Charcoal, which has an upper hand when compared to other charcoal. In India, as per a recent survey the average output in the traditional method contributes in the making of 35kg of charcoal. Nearly 50,000 shells are needed in the production of 1 ton of charcoal.

Shell Charcoal is obtained as a by-product and to acquire premium quality charcoal, fully dried, clean, and also mature shells are used by Akil Coconuts. It adopts various modern and innovative techniques which are in vogue to get the desired product. As there is a growing consumer demand for Coconut Shell based carbon, many Pacific countries, Sri Lanka, and India are into its production.

Coconut Shell Specifications * :

Product Name

Coconut Shell




30 gms


Natural or Granulated


Craft & Make Charcoal

*All Specifications can be customized as per requirement. All dimensions are approximate.