Coconut Husk

Uses of Husk

Predominantly utilized as a plant growing media, the Coconut Husk paves way for the blossoming of flowers such as orchids, roses, and atrium. It has also left its mark in food production too. As Coconut Husk has the caliber to retain moisture inside, it ultimately leads to the healthy growth of plants.

Coconut Husk is deemed to be more environment friendly than peat moss owing to its renewable property. Moreover, the smoke emanated from Coconut Husk is harmless and it will facilitate in shoeing away the mosquitoes.

Why Akil Coconut

Coconut Husk is also known as the ‘Container’ which is extracted from the outer surface of the coconut. Coconut Husk yields many useful products to the society. Known as the ‘Kalpavriksha’, (as every part of the tree is useful) coconut tree contributes immensely to the growth of our Indian Economy with its varied production.

Coco Peat, Coco Husk Chips, Coco Crush, and Coir Fiber are some of the valuable production acquired from the coconut fruit’s outer shell.

Coconut Husk bestows an excellent solution for Greenhouse Production. By virtue of its fast-pace decomposing ability, it proffers a wholesome enrichment to the plants.

Dehusked Coconut Specifications * :

Product Name

Coconut Husk




10 - 20 %



Unit Weight

Approximate Value

*All Specifications can be customized as per requirement. All dimensions are approximate.