Raw Coconut

Nutrition benifits of Raw Coconut

Rich in medium-chain triglycerides, a type of dietary fat, Raw Coconuts highly encourage weight loss. Along with their metabolism-boosting properties, these medium-chain triglycerides also curb hunger more effectively than other forms of fat, which ultimately lead to a lower calorie intake over time. One cup of Raw Coconut consists of 283calories which forms 14% of the recommended amount of potassium and 39% of copper. Potassium, along with sodium, is essential for proper fluid balance within your cells.

Health Benefits of Raw Coconut:

*As it is rich in dietary fiber, it aids in the normalization of bowel movements

*Severely boost the immune function

*Puts an end to harmful pathogens

*Helps in increasing the nutritional value of our diet

Uniqueness of Raw Coconut

As we are well aware of the nuances in this domain, we are pragmatic in proffering Raw Coconut to our esteemed clients. We are proud to provide very special coconut water and the same has been possible with our uniquely grown Young Coconuts. Harvested directly from the tree, these Young Coconuts have placed its foot all over India through us. Chosen at their optimum maturity in order to render the best and top-notch flavor, this ivory shelled Young Coconut will touch your heart with its nutrient benefits. Acclaimed as the largest grower and exporter of Young Coconuts, Akil Coconuts have secured a strong position in the coconut market, undoubtedly.

Akil’s Young Coconuts are considered as the best source of calcium, carbohydrates, along with a trace of iron and dietary fiber. Moreover, the water in this coconut is very high in electrolytes. Even the white flesh is baby soft, with a more awe inspiring flavor when compared to a traditional old coconut. Identical to human blood plasma, this natural isotonic drink can be consumed by pregnant women and new mothers. Available year round, these Raw Coconuts also facilitates in shedding unwanted pounds.

Raw Coconut Specifications * :

Product Name

Husked Coconut


Light Brown


500 - 600gms


Semi Husked


Brought down from the tree once in 50 days

Coconut Size


*All Specifications can be customized as per requirement. All dimensions are approximate.