Tender Coconut

Nature’s Healthy Gift- Tender Coconut

We take utmost pride in offering top-notch coconut, known for its rich aroma and enticing flavor to our esteemed customers. We are able to meet the specific demands of our customers with the aid of our sophisticated machinery. Highly pure and nutritious beverage in its natural state, the tender coconut is also known for its medicinal value. Some of them are listed below:

*Keep a check on urinary infections

*Facilitates in keeping the body cool

*Eliminates poison in case of mineral poisoning

*Aids in putting an end to intestinal worms

We are keen in providing this nutritious product to our customers in an affordable price.

Fresh and Pure

We have carved a niche in the coconut market. We refrain from using ripening enhancers and we Fresh n Pure Tender Coconut to our customers. We make this happen with the help of highly innovative technologies.

Bearing in mind the multifarious requirements of our clients, we take paramount care in processing the tender coconut. Apart from processing, we also pack the product in such a way that our tender coconuts retain its purity, freshness, flavor, aroma, and above all- Quality!!!

Consumed enormously in the blistering summer owing to its wintry cool property, Tender Coconut is regarded as a ‘Mobile Cooler’. A natural substitute for glucose, it is widely acclaimed for its nutritional value and healthy perks.

Tender Coconut Specifications * :

Product Name

Tender Coconut


Light Green


600 - 700gms


High Water Content


Brought down from tree in 30 days

Coconut Size


*All Specifications can be customized as per requirement. All dimensions are approximate.